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Ohev Shalom Voice                     אוהב שלום                


Rabbi’s Message






His  left hand under my head, His right embraces me (Song 2:6)


The Zohar (Vol. 3 214:B) applies the first part of the above verse to Rosh Hashana and the second part to Succos and Simchas Torah. The left signifies judgment - the right signifies compassion. The first ten days  -  beginning with Rosh Hashanah and ending with Yom Kippur  are called the Ten Days of Repentance. The purpose is to enable us to purify and elevate our souls and characters by regret for our past transgressions followed by a definite resolution to rectify the future. These ten days are called   ימים נוראים  The Days of Awe. The sternness and negativeness of the critical search are symbolized by the left. 


At the conclusion of  עשרת ימי תשובה after spending a full day of Yom Kippur in communion with our maker,  the period of rejoicing  זמן שמחתנו  begins. We have so much to to rejoice for. We are  holier, more wholesome. No more will we live an empty, purposeless  existence. We are going to live meaningfully  by the Torah. This is G-d’s Right Hand embracing us.


This continues on throughout Succos, the Festival of Love and Joy and  culminates with Simchas Torah, rejoicing ecstatically the Torah.


On a day of your gladness and on your Festivals (Numbers 10:10)

וביום שמחתכם ובמועדיכם











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